Growth Tools
Create Chatbot template and connect to your ads with Messenger Ads Simulator
Creating Ads won’t be difficult anymore. Because you can design your own Template and easily connect with Facebook Ads Manager.
Slip Verification
No more fake slip or duplicated slip problems. If a customer sends a slip, the chatbot will immediately check and verify for you
Connect Chatbot to the website
Install a chatbot on website for free. Plug into every platform to connect the conversation between customers and merchants.
Automatically respond new customers through Inbox
Let ZWIZ.AI immediately collect customers to your chat. Close sales easily with raising the chance to generate new loyalty customers and continue growing customer base.
Manage customers with Status and Tags
Add status or tags to manage various customers. Analyze marketing data, broadcast and Ads more and more precisely.
Create your Custom Audience
Create your own customer lists with ZWIZ.AI which can link directly to Facebook Ads Manager. Easy and Accurate!
Connect your ads to Chatbot
Once customers click your Ads, chatbot can automatically reply all needed information and smoothen your customer journey.
Evaluate conversions and Facebook Ads performance
Our system will automatically send the order results to Facebook Ads Manager right away, when the customer make a purchase on ZWIZ.AI shop service.
Generate Salepage with Pixel tracking
Reach more customers by generating your own sales page with end-to-end content in one page. Close the deal more efficiently as well as collect basic stats from the pixel installation.
Increase sales with Follow up feature
Automatically send follow up message to potential customers.
Share 'Ref Link'
Share a conversation link or use “Ref Link”. Customers will simply click and instantly drawn to the conversation they want. Fasten closing your sales deal in one link.